Refund Policy

Brill Hernandez Media Refund Policy

Brill Hernandez Media is committed to delivering top-notch web design and marketing services to our clientele. While striving for excellence, we incur operational costs essential to offering these services. We trust our clients to acknowledge these expenses and adhere to our policies concerning our offerings. Timely payments for services and prompt submission of requested materials such as content, files, and images are mandatory.

All amounts paid to Brill Hernandez Media are non-refundable.

Engaging Brill Hernandez Media for web design and marketing services binds you to our refund and cancellation policy agreement, and we expect adherence to the policies outlined therein.

Web Development by Brill Hernandez Media 

Our web development projects demand significant resources, time, and internal expenditures. Hence, once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. By making a deposit, clients confirm agreement with the quoted price. All materials supplied to Briscoweb become our property with no obligation for return. This includes emails, data, images, or any samples. Brill Hernandez Media is not liable for any loss or misplacement of materials. If a project is cancelled, delayed, or postponed by the CLIENT, all fees are forfeited and retained by Brill Hernandez Media. Additional charges may apply for work done beyond the original project specifications, with no exceptions.

Brill Hernandez Media Online Marketing Services

Payments for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and other Internet Marketing services are non-refundable as per agreement. Refund policy remains intact even if payments were made in advance, with no exceptions.

Brill Hernandez Media Setup Charges:

Setup fees are non-refundable as they cover expenses incurred during the setup phase of SEO or Internet Marketing campaigns.


Clients may provide credit card or payment information for service charges or opt to pay through sent invoices. Payment submission at the onset of services implies agreement to the associated fees. In case of chargeback or payment dispute initiated by the CLIENT, services and/or projects will be halted, possibly reversed, without prior notice. Additionally, chargeback fees will be billed to the CLIENT. Outstanding balances from chargeback(s) must be settled in full before service restoration, file delivery, or further work commencement.

For any billing concerns, please reach out to us for resolution.

Initiating a chargeback or disputing a valid charge is considered fraud. Chargebacks are not a lawful or acceptable means of obtaining a refund. Our legal team will contest any disputes, armed with ample evidence from our records.

Brill Hernandez Media Hosting Services

Hosting payments for current or previous months are non-refundable. Hosting accounts are active from the order date with server resources allocated as per the chosen plan.

Hosting account charges are due upon setup. Non-utilization of a hosting account does not warrant fee remission. Hosting billing cycles continue until a 30-day written cancellation notice is received from the CLIENT.

Account Suspension

Hosting payments overdue by 15 days will result in account suspension. For hosting paid up to 12 months in advance and cancelled before term-end, refunds will be provided for the unelapsed months.

Brill Hernandez Media retains the right to disable or terminate accounts, services, or contracts for violations of our terms and policies. Refunds will not be provided for terminations owing to policy violations.

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